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Monitor your health

The upper arm blood pressure monitor is equipped with advanced measurement technology, which can not only provide a quick reading method, but also provide more accurate results. A large number of user-friendly interface displays make it easier for you to navigate the monitor and understand systolic, diastolic, pulse rate and irregular heartbeat.


Easy to use adjustable cuff

One-button operation design, you can quickly and easily obtain accurate systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate readings. The automatic blood pressure cuff can be adjusted to achieve the ideal cuff position. The blood pressure monitor is suitable for upper arms from 9 to 16 inches and fits most standard and large adult arms. The ergonomically designed large cuff provides accuracy and comfort during measurement.


Large LED display
and super-size buttons

This home blood pressure monitor has an LCD display, which can bring you an excellent visual experience. Large buttons and large display screens make it easier for the elderly with poor eyesight to obtain accurate readings. This is the best gift for parents.

Dual user mode and 120 reading memory

This upgraded monitor can be used by 2 users and has its own independent measurement record. Each user can store 90 sets of data storage. This large-capacity storage makes the arm blood pressure monitor an essential device.


Two-year warranty

The warranty period for the upper arm of our blood pressure monitor is 24 months. If you have any questions about the products you receive, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best solution as soon as possible.


Technical specifications

Product size

LCD screen size

Inflation method

Data storage






Fully automatic

2×90 groups of memory storage

4 AAA batteries (without batteries)

 (including cuff): 245g



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