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MD-H35 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

SKU: 200
  • Professional Medical Certification: Safety and accuracy are the primary requirements of HYLOFY to medical device.With the intellisense technology,HYLOGY BP monitor can safely and accurately measure your blood pressure.It's safety and accuracy have been clinically validated by FDA and CE.
  • Easy Operation and Portable Design: After wearing it properly and maintaining the correct posture, the automatic measurement will star after press the power button. Reasonable size and packaging design make the device easy to carry so that we can monitor our blood pressure even when we are away from home.
  • Tracking the Health Data for Both Parents: The monitor can record 180 memory data for 2 users to keep tracking the health data for a long term.Parents can share the same device and independently record measurements for a certain period of time.
  • High Blood Pressure Warning: The monitor will put our blood pressure into the right classification on the left based on the SYS and DIA measurement (green bar - normal, yellow bar - moderate, red bar - severe). And an warning will also appear when the heartbeat is beyond normal level.
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