Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm, HYLOGY LED Touch Screen and Voice Broadcast Bl

Why choose HYOGY arm blood pressure monitor?

With the advancement of modern technology and people's pursuit of high quality healthy life, Home medical appliances have become an indispensable part in people's daily life.

HYLOGY AES-U171 is unique blood pressure monitor on the market, which is equipped with large LED full-touchscreen. The latest technology provides high-accurate readings so as to help users focus on their health better.

Large Touchable LED Display

Newly updated with imported high-precision chips and high-quality cuff, this monitor measures systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate by a single touchable button. The blood pressure value indicator and the irregular heart rate monitor will alert you in large backlit LED display with oversized numbers in case of a problem.

Voice Broadcast

After the measurement is completed, the blood pressure machine will automatically broadcast the measured results for you. More thoughtfully, you can turn voice on or off based on your needs.The advanced technology brings you a more efficient and convenient life.

Unit Conversion

The latest machine has added a unit conversion function between kPa and mmHg, users are able to choose according to your usual reading habits.

Dual User Mode

Stores up to 180(2*90) readings with date and time, you can track the results of the last 90 measurements and dynamically monitor your health. With a dual user measurement mode, it is tailored for you and your family.



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